Monday, September 3, 2007

News coverage of Yoosk

It’s early days but we are starting to pick up some interest from the media and the blogosphere on both sides of the Atlantic. If you are still not completely sure what Yoosk is all about, then here it is in the words of professional commentators…..

Yoosk picked up some TV coverage in the States recently: Fox 16’s review offers an excellent starting point for any users who want to know what the site is all about.

A recent article by James Knight in the UK national broadsheet, The Daily Telegraph puts Yoosk’s mission into the context of the citizen journalism revolution.

Dutch journalist Angelique Van Engelen’s in depth survey of the citizen media landscape in Global Politician also looks at Yoosk’s unique contribution to the field. In a subsequent post on Report Twitters, Angelique talks about how Yoosk’s crowd-sourcing of interview questions can help editors ‘incorporate the masses into their work’.

From the PR industry perspective, Sarah Wurrey’s article on CustomScoop offers excellent insights into how Yoosk helps PR agencies and their clients connect with the public. Stephen Davies also posted a short piece on that attracted some very favourable comment from industry professionals.

When the site was first being tested, Dan Gillmor, one of the most respected commentators on citizen media, was the first to pick up on Yoosk’s unique contribution to crowd-sourced interviews.