Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Can Yoosk’s crowd-sourced interview features help bridge the cultural divide?

Today on Yoosk we have started a new feature by Anglo-Irish journalist Nick Ryan which looks at UK Muslims and the issues surrounding their integration into British Society. We are inviting Yoosk users to ask four leading politicians and commentators, Muslim and non- Muslim, hard questions on topics like terrorism, racism and prejudice -the most popular of which will be answered in two weeks time.

A part of our vision at Yoosk is to break down the obstacles to sensible and open intercultural dialogue that traditional politics and media have created. We expect some of the questions to be raw and provocative but we sincerely believe that Yoosk users will make sure the best ones rise to the top.

Nick writes eloquently of the issues and invites questions from all sides. White secularists can put questions to the Hizb ut-Tahrir, an organisation which wants to establish a new Caliphate and which many politicians have called to be banned. Muslims worried about the stereotypes that sometimes appear in the right wing press and their portrayal in the media in general, can put their questions to Peter Hitchens, a leading columnist.

We hope the answers will also offer some surprises and open a few minds.


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